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Why become an ABF Member?

ABF is a member's organization and is committed to serving its members. We welcome you and your family to join our community for fun-filled activities of Bengal and Bengali culture. Through community service and other means, ABF members help promote cultural diversity and understanding of Bengal throughout Atlanta metro area. ABF promotes connection among members through community events and by working themselves to address community needs.

Who can be a Member?

Any person 18 years or older who subscribes to the objectives of ABF and abides by its By-laws and regulations can become a member of the ABF.

Key advantages of ABF Membership:

2014 Membership Pricing:

Item# ABF Yearly Functions Excluded from Yearly
Membership Fee
Yearly Fee for
All Memebers for
1 Saraswati Puja       Family:$140 
2 Boishakhi External Artist cost
3 Annual Picnic  
4 Durga Puja External Artist cost
5 Lakshmi Puja  
6   New Year Program

How to become an ABF Member?

To be a member please fill out the Membership Form and the form along with payments( Check should be payable to Atlanta Bengali Forum ) to the following Mailing Address.

    Atlanta Bengali Forum
    710 Emory Bluff
    Duluth, GA 30097


 ABF Member Guidelines

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